Alaska Far Away: The New Deal Pioneers of the Matanuska Colony
In the midst of the despair of the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal gave 202 struggling Midwestern farm families an extraordinary opportunity: a chance to start over in far-away Alaska. Alaska Far Away tells the story of this bold government experiment and the families who found themselves thrust into the national spotlight along the way. Narrated by Peter Coyote.

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Where the River Matanuska Flows: Stories from Alaska Pioneers
The adventure of creating a colony in the Matanuska Valley lives on in the memories of all who were involved. These people – the colonists and their families, the early settlers who were there to greet them when they arrived, the journalists who covered the big story, and the people who built and ran the colony – shared their reminiscences with filmmakers Joan Juster and Paul Hill in interviews conducted around the country between 1994 and 2004. Their memories form an extraordinary archive of the Great Depression, the New Deal, and an important time in the development of Alaska and the United States.

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You can find the beautiful song, “Where the River Matanuska Flows” on iTunes and Apple Music!
This song was written by the beloved first general manager of the Matanuska Colony, Don Irwin, as an ode to the beautiful Matanuska Valley. His family graciously shared his song with us, and we chose to highlight it by playing it over the final credits of Alaska Far Away. That version is now available on iTunes, performed by a quartet of talented high school students (it was recorded in 2008, so they are all grown up now).

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