Happy Holidays (and some New Deals)

Congratulations! You’ve survived Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday.

Ready to just treat yourself and your loved ones to some laid-back, no-pressure deals on something everyone can enjoy? Good, because we’re having a sale!

Here’s what’s new from us this holiday season:

* SPECIAL DEALS * Just for December, we’re dropping the prices on our DVDs. Yes, we’re rolling back prices $5 each on Alaska Far Away, Where the River Matanuska Flows, and the gift set of both films. Those savings can really add up, especially when you’re shopping for your whole list!

* NEW ITEMS * We’re particularly excited to offer a very special book this holiday season. When we started conducting research for Alaska Far Away back in 1994, we found ourselves relying heavily on a handful of books, most of which are out of print. Well, we were delighted to find a stash of one of those invaluable books, and are offering copies to you this holiday season at a bargain rate, as long as the limited supplies last.

Originally published in 1955, and out of print since the most recent edition in 1980, Matanuska Valley Memoir is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the history of the Matanuska Valley, and the Matanuska Colony. The book includes the history of the Valley from 1741 to 1955, with an emphasis on agriculture, the Matanuska Colony, and the role of various government and financial institutions in the development of the Valley. Matanuska Valley Memoir is based on published and unpublished materials and personal accounts by longtime residents. If you like books about Alaska and Matanuska history, this book should be in your collection. Only $10 each, while supplies last.
Matanuska Valley Memoir: The Story of How One Alaskan Community Developed, by Hugh A. Johnson and Keith L. Stanton. Bulletin 18, 3rd edition, 1980. Originally published July 1955. Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station: Palmer, Alaska.

* ONE MORE DEAL * When you make any purchase this month – any of our films, or Matanuska Valley Memoir, you can get a copy of Matanuska Colony 75th Anniversary Scrapbook for only $5. Yes, only FIVE DOLLARS. Such a deal!

Matanuska Colony 75th Anniversary Scrapbook is a lovingly-compiled treasure-trove of photographs and memories from the early days of the colony, by Lynette Lehn and Lori Kirker of Alaskana Books. We only have a few copies left, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. So get them now while you can!
And, last but not least:

* FREE SHIPPING * Once again, we are offering free shipping throughout December, anywhere in the U.S. This is our annual gift to you!

This is all good news for you.

We have also updated our shopping page on this website: check it out! Always feel free to email us at alaskafaraway (@) aol.com if you have questions or problems placing an order.

Thank you for your support. Wishing you a very happy holiday season.

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