And the Oscar goes to …

No, Alaska Far Away isn’t up for an Academy Award this year – after all, we released the film in 2008. (Has it really been that long ago??)

But we do want to send a big shout-out to our friends at Skywalker Sound, who were nominated this year for not just one, or two, or three, but FOUR Academy Awards for their exceptional sound work on feature films. Congratulations!

When we were doing post-production on Alaska Far Away we were working on the tightest of budgets, but we still wanted to take care to ensure the highest quality possible in our post-production work. The good people at Skywalker Sound, who are generally recognized to be the best in the business, worked with us to give us the best possible sound. Much of their work is so subtle that you do not consciously notice it, but it adds immeasurably to the overall viewing experience.

We are proud to list Skywalker Sound in the credits of our film, and will be rooting for them during the Academy Awards on Sunday!

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