Small Business Saturday (or every day)

As a real live small business (really, it’s just the two of us, Paul and Joanie), we applaud the concept of Small Business Saturday. In fact, we encourage people to support small businesses EVERY day. For example, you can purchase our films from Amazon, or you can purchase them directly from us. Either way, you are happy; you get our films. Yay! But when a customer purchases our films from Amazon, they keep a large chunk of the purchase price. When you purchase directly from us, on the other hand, you are supporting a pair of real live filmmakers, and you get friendly, personal service (Paul packages up and mails every single film; he’s really good at that). That way, we’re ALL happy.

If you are lucky enough to live in the Matanuska Valley, you can also purchase our films in person from some wonderful local sources: the Palmer Historical Society (at the Colony House Museum); the Palmer Museum and Visitor Center; and at our favorite Alaska bookstore, Fireside Books.

Thank you for supporting small businesses, and thank you for supporting our films!

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